Mobile pressurized emergency tank

For all those situations where it is not possible to connect to the water mains, TOF produces a portable stainless steel barrel with emergency eye-washer spray head, fully compliant with the DIN EN 15154 standard. To guarantee the highest possible purity of the water, it is advisable to change it at least once a month.


Capacity: 18 litres
(max. 15 litres of drinking water, no additives)
Pressione di utilizzo: 6 bar
Portata d’acqua: > 6 l/min
Tubo fl essibile inox: lungo 1,5 m, fornito in dotazione

Art. 1100/250 - Portable eye-wash unit with water tank

Portable eye-wash unit with water tank colors

All the showers in the catalogue are available in 3 colours: red, green, yellow. Add the letter corresponding to the required colour after the code.