TOF Design

TOF Design


TOF DESIGN is not a sectionof the catalogue or a division of the company. It’s a concept.

It’s everything that you can’t find in the catalogue – and couldn’t be there – but that TOF is able to achieve for its customers.

Our products come to life in our plants, as do almost all the components. Constant investment in the latest generation of machinery, the use of design software, rendering, prototyping and engineering and, above all, the experience, professionalism and passion of people working in TOF, as well as ensuring the high standard of quality of all our products, enable us to develop customised solutions extremely quickly and with the highest level of versatility.

This enables us to meet any technical, aesthetic and size-related requirement.


vestito-mini Do you need a fitting that doesn’t exist? Do you want a dispenser font with a special finish or a customised colour and graphics? Do you need help configuring your system to your specific needs? TOF can work with you to identify the most appropriate solution in terms of technology, efficiency and cost. And can provide everything quickly and with the usual high quality that makes our products stand out. But that’s not enough for us…
On one hand, we are studying and seeking innovative solutions to expand our range of products. On the other, we are willing to create a partnership with our customers in the design and development of new products, products that are special, designed and tailor-made in terms of shape, function and technical features. Put us to the test.