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Dear customer,
we would like to specify the guidelines relating to the management of repairs or replacements of products under warranty (OPENING CUSTOMER RETURN FORM RC) and of which we kindly ask you to take good notice.

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  • The opening of returns will take place via TOF Arxivar digital platform at the following link we kindly ask you to request the first access credentials (username and password) to your commercial reference and to fill in the required fields. The operation will take you only a few minutes.
  • If ACCEPTED, you will be given a RETURN CODE number (RC / 21…) which must be written on the delivery document DDT and indicated in any subsequent communications.
  • If there are several article codes in the return, you will be asked to open a (RC) for each individual article code.
  • It is possible to send products subject to complaint only within the period of validity of the 12-month warranty; the return of items not covered by warranty must be authorized in advance by TOF srl personnel.

  • On the Arxivar platform you will be asked to fill in some mandatory fields in order to request the opening of a customer return. (RC)
  • You will be asked to enter some data such as the contact person, the order reference to be selected from the list proposed by the portal.
  • You will be asked to identify the type of problem encountered and you will also be asked to insert photos and videos of the defective product directly on the Arxivar portal.
  • Prior to the request to open a CUSTOMER RETURN (RC) , check that the product warranty (12 months as per the TOF srl sales conditions available at is still valid, identifying the production batch where possible.
  • In order to easily trace the production date of the article in its possession on the portal, you will be asked to identify the production batch of the article taken from the label or the body of the article, as indicated in the following images.

Here’s where to find the production batch of the article

Scroll through the images to see some examples

  • Not all TOF products have production batches displayed and visible on the item, so on the Arxivar platform you will be able to automatically identify and select the sales order reference from the portal to which the item to be returned belongs.
  • Returned items that do not follow the above procedure will not be analyzed.
  • TOF srl reserves the right to refuse deliveries of products subject to complain that do not have the relevant identification number (RC). Rejected deliveries will be returned in carriage forward “freight collect” mode.
  • The regulations underlying the management of Customer Returns (RC) require the customer to deliver the returned products within 8 working days of the request to open the (RC) itself.
  • The return of products must take place with adequate packaging and in conditions of cleanliness from the fluids used.
  • It is not possible to return products used for the treatment of dangerous substances, as they are potentially harmful to the health of the personnel involved in the analysis of the quality of the product.
  • TOF srl will not accept complaints about manipulated products; a (RC) opened on such grounds will not be taken into consideration.
  • Use the original TOF srl packaging for the purpose of returning the products; if it is no longer available, make use of suitable packaging, which allows you to avoid damage during transport.
  • The TOF srl warranty is to be considered expired in the event that the products show damage due to transport, negligent use or manipulation.
  • The products subject to the complaint must arrive at our warehouses in Free Port mode.
  • In the event that the warranty of the returned items is terminated due to improper or negligent use or because the product has been manipulated, TOF srl will repair the products or replace them, communicating in advance the repair or replacement costs through TOF srl sales team.
  • In the event that TOF srl does not find any defect of manufacturing nature, it will return the products covered by (RC); these items will be returned in the same conditions in which they were delivered, with “freight collect” mode, applying a flat-rate charge of € 200.00 = which will be entirely charged to the customer.

For more information, we kindly ask you to consult the TOF srl General Sales Conditions, which can also be downloaded from our website:

We thank you in advance for your kind cooperation and remain at your complete disposal. TOF Management