UL Pressure regulators – USA

Pressure Regulators USA

Why should you choose a TOF pressure regulator?

TOF pressure regulators fully meet the highest international quality standards, according to the provisions of the UNI EN ISO 2503 standard. Tested and UL certified products, check online UL directory with UL file number SA44354 and check our website for updates on the configuration available. They are carefully and thoroughly tested one by one on the test bench before being put on sale.

High quality of the inner needle valve with high performances in terms of durability and sensibility and stability.

Italian passion for pressure regulators

  • Customized configuration
  • 100% italian components
  • Traceability – individual serial number
  • Products fully tested
  • Know how and technical experience gained in 75 years in the beverage CO2 business

Different solutions to customize your system according to the various national standards. Build your own pressure reducer by selecting the various components by TOF.

Exploded - Pressure regulators

Technical specifications

  • SK – UL Approval (SA44354)
  • Body (1) made of forged brass with built-in safety valve (2)
  • Internal parts of the high pressure valve (3) made of AISI 300 series stainless steel and Teflon seals
  • Outlet Connections G1/4” NPT (4)
  • Cylinder Connections (5) for USA market: CGA-V1 n°320 and CGA-V1 n°580
  • Cap (6) made of thermal insulating synthetic resin, which improves and enhances the performance of the regulator by preventing freezing and the formation of bothersome condensation.
  • UL approved ball valve (7)

Flow charts

Flow rate chart

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