Taps accessories

Complete solutions for the coffee universe, specifically conceived to adapt to the various machines available on the market, and to offer you the best choice, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Art. C1/10/49 - Cylindrical handle

Cylindrical handle without flange

Art. C1/10/48-B - Daisy handwheel – white

Daisy handwheel 7mm insert – white

Art. C1/10/48-C - Daisy handwheel – grey

Daisy handwheel 7mm insert – grey

Art. C1/10/48-D - Daisy handwheel – yellow

Daisy handwheel 7mm insert – yellow

Art. C1/10/48-H - Daisy handwheel – red

Daisy handwheel 7mm insert – red

Art. C1/10/52-G6 - Chrome-plated plate

Chrome-plated plate for water cylindrical handle
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Following time-consuming and demanding R&D operations, we are proud to present the innovative Kelyfos treatment, a special nickel-chrome galvanized coating, ideal for all objects used with food.
The quality of our coating treatment is proven by the full NSF Internationa approval.