Dispense head – U system

Dispense head - U system Every TOF dispense head is the result of processing with ultramodern machinery, combined with the extremely high quality materials used: food grade zinc-treated brass or AISI stainless steel from the 300 series.

The special attention we pay in the final quality check of each individual piece is also a guarantee of unparalleled reliability and robustness. The wide range of models is able to satisfy the various requirements of each market and will ensure you will always find the solution that’s right for you.


Gas inlet: Connection G5/8, G3/4 e G1/2
Outlet: Connection G5/8 e G1/2

Art. 35/25G0M9 - Keg coupler “U” type

Keg coupler “U” type
Gas – G1/2
Art. Out
35/10G0M9 G1/2
Gas – G5/8
Art. Out
35/25G0M9 G5/8

Art. 35/25G29M1 - Keg coupler “U” type

Keg coupler “U” type USA
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3 different types of handles can be mounted on all of our dispense heads listed in the catalog from the traditional “classic” version, to the “small” version with it’s a compact size.