Viking dispensing taps

The Viking faucet was born from TOF’s production know how to meet the different needs for beer dispensing.

It is ideal for tapping STOUT BEERS, as it is equipped with an integrated Creamer and, thanks to the compensator, it improves the quality of many types of beer.
From German beers to Belgian beers and Lagers.

Art. 18/79 - Viking beer tap

Viking beer tap with compensator with holes shank G1/2 x 47 x Ø5/16 – sparkler nozzle chrome plated – 3/8W handle

Art. 18/578 - Viking nozzle Kit

Viking nozzle Kit
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Customization on demand

Possiblity of having shaft G5/8 o G1/2 and lenghts out of standard.

Shaft with John Guest
John Guest

Possibility of having shaft with John Guest.

Alternative handles
Tamper-proof system
tamper-proof system  tap