Controlled Beer Tap – Antifoam

With the 17X Serie, we propose a Free-Flow Beer Tap specially created for tapping high CO2 content beer and controlling the quantity of foam dispensed, in each single dose. The construction features and the perfect functioning of the tap, guarantee excellent results of tapping even in special situations, in which very high amount of beverage are demanded.

Below, we list performances relating to the 17X Serie.
Pressure in the Barrel : 3 bar – Dispense of a Beer 0.20 in max. 4 seconds time.
Tap without compensator, anti-tampering features to mantain the initial factory settings.
It is entirely built in Stainless Steel AISI 304.
Each piece is tested before shipment.
100% made in TOF

Customization on demand

Shaft Thread Connection: G5/8 or G1/2, non-standard lenghts such as 47 mm – 65mm or other measures.
Special shaft: available shaft integrated with John Guest quick connector.
Alternative handles: ST10/49-A, ST10/52-A, ST10/50-A, ST10/50-G6, ST10/50-G7
Tamper-proof system : on the specified models.

Art. 17X/252F5 - Stainless steel tap without compensator

Stainless steel small tap without compensator shaft G5/8x39mm – John Guest Cartridge Ø3/16 Stainless steel outlet nozzle hole Ø8mm
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Customization on demand

Possiblity of having shaft G5/8 o G1/2 and lenghts out of standard.

Shaft with John Guest
John Guest

Possibility of having shaft with John Guest.

Alternative handles
logo personalizzato

Customizable operator side with resin logo with brand of beer or customer distributor