EVO-K dispensing taps

The skill of a company is measured by its ability to take advantage of its experience, always keeping up with the times. This is the reason behind the Evo-K range.

For a company that has always worked with metal, offering plastic taps was a great challenge. Challenges, though, are something we like, especially if we think we can take them on adopting our usual keywords: quality, reliability, trustworthiness. Values found in every TOF product.
The EVO-K series is ideal for the dispensing of drinks like Coca Cola and wine on tap.

Customization choices on demand

Shaft: possiblity of having shaft G5/8 o G1/2 e lenght out of standard for example 47 mm – 65mm shaft or other measures.
Special shaft: possibility of having shaft with John Guest.
Alternative handles: ST10/49-A, ST10/52-A, ST10/50-A, ST10/50-G6, ST10/50-G7
Tamper-proof system : on the specified models.
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Customization on demand

Possiblity of having shaft G5/8 o G1/2 and lenghts out of standard.

Shaft with John Guest
John Guest

Possibility of having shaft with John Guest.

Alternative handles
Tamper-proof system
tamper-proof system  tap