Series 1000 PP – Pure Water Fittings

1000PP – The range of Lab Fittings we propose and usable for all of those waters having high characteristics of pureness and which through ion exchange resins have undergone demineralization processes.
They are made of polypropylene and thanks to an excellent chemical resistance, it prevents alterations of the organoleptic characteristics of pure water.

Technical features

Connection: G3/8, G3/4 and G1/2 UNI ISO 228/1
Olive spout: with screw connection to DIN 12898
Headwork: Polypropylene with ceramic closing open / close
Color: Grey
Fume hood valve: available with fittings for quick connection
Maximum working pressure: 10 Bar

Art. 1000/656 - Connection 90°

Connection 90° with tube and quick release din certified

Art. 1000/605 - Polypropylene tube d.8×1

Polypropylene tube d.8×1 din certified

Art. 1000/601 - Angle tap – polypropylene

Angle tap – polypropylene – G1/2-G1/4 din certified

Art. 1000/610 - Angle tap l=100

Angle tap l=100 din certified

Art. 1000/611 - Angle tap – l=150

Angle tap – l=150 din certified

Art. 1000/612 - Angle tap – l=175

Angle tap – l=175 din certified

Art. 1000/650 - Connection 90° l=5

Connection 90° – l=50 din certified

Art. 1000/655 - Connection 90° – l=75

Connection 90° – l=75 din certified

Art. 1000/631 - Standout with 1 tap and tube

Standout with 1 tap and tube- h=300 l=200 din certified

Art. 1000/635 - Standout with 1 tap and tube

Standout with 1 tap and tube – h=200 l=150 din certified
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On request
manopola custom

On request, new handle with minimal design for all lab taps.

Color code chart DIN EN 13792
Color Chart DIN 15154 - Download

To download the colour code chart for laboratory taps handles, click here